As one of the fastest growing tourism destinations in Southeast Asia, Cambodia's rich heritage, cultural and natural resources offer a full range of cultural and eco-tourism site that are both dynamic and sustainable. Highlights include Phnom Penh, the Kingdom’s capital is a dynamic city, where visitors are in mood for shopping, dining, touring and more. As the Cambodia’s hub for commerce, politics, and tourism, Phnom Penh is home of many important institutions and monument, such as Wat Phnom, the Royal Palace and National Museum. Especially, Angkor Wat, Heritage of Humanity and World Wonder, is the most exotic tourist destinations in the world, and the renowned Mekong River dolphins that can be found in Cambodia.

Through the energetic efforts of the Royal Government of Cambodia under the brilliant and wise leadership of SamdechAkkaMoha Sena PadeiTecho HUN SEN, Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Cambodia, PreahVihear Temple has been listed and declared as a new World Heritage Site by UNESCO. This 9th -12th century sacred temple, perched on Dangrek Mountain, was built in the reigns of King Yasovarman I and Soryavarman I & II and has become a new potential cultural and eco-tourism destination in Cambodia.

Given Cambodia’s great potential, safe, clean and friendly environment especially, the tourism promotion campaign “Cambodia-Kingdom of Wonder” together with the competitive movement slogan “Clean City, Clean Resort and Good service” and “Clean Tourist City Standard” has been made nationwide and internationally.

The Kingdom of Cambodia’s idyllic costal areas have emerged on the international stage in grand style. With pristine sandy beaches and uncontrived natural beauty, the kingdom’s untrodden palm-lined bays exude such charms that mesmerize visitors and residents alike. On May 26th, 2011, Cambodia’s bays won world recognition and were inaugurated into The Most Beautiful Bays in the World Club. The bays of Preah Sihanouk, Kep, Koh Kong, and Kampot are a true source of pride for the Kingdom. The calm, warm water, verdant landscapes, and vibrant communities that surround Cambodia’s bays make them inspiring and singular destinations not to be missed.

The Cambodia’s bays will no doubt become Southeast Asia’s next trendsetting beach and ecotourism destination. Whatever you’re looking for – whether it be white-sand beaches, sea sports, or delectable seafood-Cambodia’s bays will have the answer, We look forward to welcome you to Cambodia - the Kingdom of Wonder.

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