An Overview 
The Lao National Museum is located in ANOU village, Samsenthai oda, Chanthabuoly District in the centre of capital city, Vientiane. The Museum building was built in 1925 during the French colonial period in 1945. The firstdeclaration of Independence occurred in this building. However, the building sustained considerable damage during the period of civil unrest. The building was not repaired until the return of the French in 1946. 

With the return, the museum was rebuilt with extra staircase; the interior was remodeled; the upstairs and downstairs were covered with tiles and the walls brick. For some time, it was used as a government facility. In the 1950s, the museum was
enlarged and used by King Sisavangvong during his visit from Luang Prabang province. During 1956, expansion of the building occurred once again. This time it was used to house the Ministry of Defence. In the 1960s, the building was used as the Prime Minister's office.
With establishment of the Lao PDR in 1975, the Ministries of Agriculture and Irrigation were transferred to the building. The current Museum was set up in the museum building. In early 2000, the building was officially designated to house the National Museum. The Museum aims to collect artifacts that better represent the phases of Lao history prior to French colonization in 1893 and to make its exhibits more comprehensible and interesting to both Lao and foreign visitors. 

The Collections 
The museum comprises a number of collections to present the entire prehistory and history of Lao Nation

Address and information for visitors: 
Lao National Museum 
Address : Thanon Samsenthai, Ban Anou, Muang Chanthaburi, Vientiane, Laos. 
Mailing address : Department of Museums and Archaeology, Ministry of Information and 
Culture, PO Box 122, Vientiane, Laos. 
Phone : 856 (0) 21 212460-1 
Fax : 856 (0) 21 212408 

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