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ASEAN 20th Century Literature: Selected Poems and Short Stories from Singapore
            Modern Singaporean Literature by Dr. Gwee Li Sui

        Works in English
            The Exile by Edwin Thumboo
            Sunflowers for a Friend byLee Tzu Pheng    
            Grandfather’s Story by Catherine Lim

        Works in Malay
            Cerita Peribumi Singapura (Tale of a Singaporean Native) by Suratman Markasan
            Lembu (Cattle) by Mohamed Latiff Mohamed

        Works in Chinese
            皮影戏 (Shadow Puppetry) by Wong Yoon Wah
            寄错的邮件 (Wrongly Delivered Mail) by Yeng Pway Ngon

        Works in Tamil
            இரட்டைத்தனம் (Duality) by K. T. M. Iqbal      
            வளையம் (The Earrings) by Rama Kannabiran