ASEAN Youth Volunteer Programme

Published on: 16:44 07/05/2021
ASEAN Youth Volunteer Programme

ASEAN Youth Volunteer Programme

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E-AYVP 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has necessitated the ASEAN Youth Volunteer Programme (AYVP) Secretariat at UKM, in partnership with the ASEAN Secretariat and Ministry Youth and Sports Malaysia to host the first-ever e-AYVP 2020.

The pandemic has created the most severe disruption in the world’s education systems in history and is threatening a loss of learning that may stretch beyond one generation of students. According to UNESCO, tertiary education is likely to experience the highest dropout rate and a projected 3.5% decline in enrolment, resulting in 7.9 million fewer students. Pre-primary education is the second-worst affected level with a projected 2.8% decline in enrolment, i.e. 5 million fewer children attending. According to these projections, 0.27% of primary and 1.48% of secondary education students, corresponding to 5.2 million girls and 5.7 million boys at both levels, risk dropping out of school.

Hence with the theme of “Redesigning the Education in the New Normal”, this one-week program seeks to develop the future leaders of ASEAN, the youths who will take the lead in redesigning the education, especially in this new normal, together with the local communities.

The program will feature various international prominent figures in education, translated into nine (9) ASEAN-focused online webinars and five (5) masterclasses. e-AYVP 2020 participants will be given extra brownie points for the selection of AYVP Philippines 2020, which will be held physically in the year 2021.

Please apply at and stay tuned on our Facebook Twitter  and Instagram for more information!


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