My City My Love

Country Vietnam
Status On-going
Source of Fund ACF
Sector/Classfication Information

Brief Description

MY CITY MY LOVE Project aims at picturing vividly and accurately lives, cultural beauties, lifestyles of ASEAN community. Messages and images of an active, diversified and integrating ASEAN will be sent to audiences not only in the region, but also all over the world. Documentary, that can be produced in image data, will present audiences the living conditions, culture, traditions, customs and habits, lifestyles in any city of the country. The continuous experiences at locals in time and space orders will help to illustrate not only the hurry, the rush, but also the low rhythm of life in each city. Audiences will know how beloved and adorable characters that native residents feel about their own city. At the same time, MY CITY MY LOVE also aims at sharing information, ideas and point of views about issues raised in daily life in each city


Target of the Project is to introduce representative cities of ASEAN community, thereby raising the awareness of all native people about the actual socio-economic conditions, cultural conceptions, issues of member countries.


My city, my love