ASEAN Editors Dialogue

Country Malaysia
Status Pending
Source of Fund ACF
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Brief Description

· 2015 is the year the ASEAN Community (AC) will come into force · As the media will play an important role in creating awareness about the AC, the ASEAN Editors Dialogue will be the right forum to plan a common strategy · There is a need for discourse with fellow ASEAN media organisations on ways to bringing closer the ASEAN population of 600 million and how this can be done through the exchange of news and visuals · With the latest technology available, the ASEAN Editors Dialogue can discuss how the ASEAN news agencies use the Internet and social media to promote closer working relations that will facilitate better understanding and working relations among members of the ASEAN Community news agencies · How the new media is affecting the traditional/mainstream media


· Dynamic regional and global developments in the West resulting with focus on emerging markets within the ASEAN region. Ø  Discussions to coordinate and promote for the ASEAN media to promote reporting with one voice on certain international issues and concerns Ø  To Initiate/promote a common stand on global issues resulting from the face-to-face dialogue


ASEAN Editors Dialogue