ASEAN Television News (ATN), Year XXI

Country Brunei Darussalam
Status Pending
Source of Fund ACF
Sector/Classfication Information

Brief Description

This project is the continuation of a television news exchange programme being carried out by the national television networks of ASEAN Member States aimed at promoting awareness of ASEAN.   The project involves the production and exchange of a 40-minute package of news and feature materials for television each week, among Member States.  In addition, the project also aims to include the broadcasting of ASEAN Public Service Announcements (PSAs) and advertorials


a) To promote greater awareness of ASEAN and its Member States through the regular exchange and broadcasting of news and feature programmes on the television stations of Member States. b) To enable each Member State to produce a weekly television news/ feature segment or programme on ASEAN through a regular exchange of news materials among Member State.


ASEAN Television News (ATN), Year XXI