ASEAN in Action, Year XX

Country Brunei Darussalam
Status Completed
Source of Fund ACF
Sector/Classfication Information

Brief Description

This project involves the participation of the national radio station of all ASEAN Member States (AMS) in producing and broadcasting minimum of 52 (fifty two) weekly radio programmes on ASEAN of 5-15 minutes or a total of 364 (three hundred and sixty four) daily news features. This project has been on-going for the last 19 (nineteen) years since its inception in 1994 and has since developed a growing audience.


To promote and publicise ASEAN milestones and major events like · Establishment of ASEAN Caring & Sharing Community · The significance of the ASEAN Charter · The ASEAN Socio-Cultural Community Blue Print · To continue promoting ASEAN awareness in the region to support the ASEAN community building effort (in realisation of an ASEAN Community by 2015) by disseminating updated news and information on ASEAN through ASEAN In Action radio programme. Creating awareness can also be done in a form of radio talk show with experts or resource persons and inviting listeners to give their views which have been done successfully in some ASEAN member states. Programmes can also be podcast, wherever it is available.  · To be aligned with the national communication plan of each of the ASEAN Member States


· ASEAN in Action, was implemented weekly under various programme titles and format in each ASEAN member state with the duration of 5 - 15 minutes or daily short news features either in their respective national language and / or in English · ASEAN in Action quiz starting in 2012, with the use of phone-in, short messaging service, social networking and the potential sharing of information through the ASEAN in Action website and email