Top Myths About Car Windshield Replacement - Busted!
Published on 30/09/2021

A car windshield replacement costs nothing with the security it offers. An unattended windshield with chips or cracks is a massive safety hazard and dangerous than it seems.

These are the top myths about car windshield replacement

Myth #1 - You can replace it yourself

Fact: This is considered to be one of the most lethal myths about replacing the windshield. There's quite a few of us who tend to think that it's okay to attach the car windshield by ourselves because of the apparent trouble of going to a car workshop.

Myth #2 - Windshield repair or replacement is a costly affair

Fact: Windshield experts give you the best services, safe, fast, relatively inexpensive. In addition, due to your car insurance policy, you can get a hassle-free claim process, cash-free service and a one year warranty on windshield quality and manufacturing.

Myth #3 - Driving with a broken windshield is acceptable

Fact: Driving with a broken windshield is acceptable. A damaged windshield limits your vision and harms your ride. It is hazardous to you and other drivers.

Myth #4 - A small crack or chip won't be an issue

Fact: A small chip in the windshield is not to be worried about since it looks like a minor defect to the naked eye. But looks are deceptive. A chip weakens your windshield and ends up crumbling entirely.

All in all, it's best to get a car windshield replacement from a trusted garage. That's where a comprehensive and modern car maintenance solution like Service My Car comes in.

Service My Car is the tech-enabled car-servicing platform that has created a better way to help car owners. Whether you're looking BMW workshop Dubai for your car windshield replacement or repairing. So, you can book an service appointment at Service My Car
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