Sharing ASEAN (Viet Nam)

Country Vietnam
Status On-going
Source of Fund ACF
Sector/Classfication Information

Brief Description

SHARING ASEAN PROJECT aims at picturing vividly and accurately lives, cultural beauties, lifestyles of ASEAN countries through video clips made by native people in ten member countries. Messages and images of an active, diversified and integrating ASEAN will be sent to audiences all over the world. Winning videos will be broadcast on channels of all ten ASEAN member countries. The theme of the contest will be about daily activities that perfectly reflect changes that native people have experienced during the integration period to the global environment; featured but very special traditions; valuable customs and habits.  The contest will open a new playground for people in ASEAN community. They will become amateur filmmaker, having chances to directly show their lives in very personal conceptions; exchange views; share information and facilitate actions toward daily issues. The attractiveness and social characteristics of the contest is to turn normal people to public journalists, and then connect them together to build up and send out messages of the general ASEAN community. The purpose of SHARING ASEAN Project is, at the same time to follow and grasp thoroughly the spirit of the 22nd ASEAN SUMMIT, which is that “ASEAN considers humankind the centre, the core in the vision of ASEAN by and after 2015.


The end objective of SHARING ASEAN PROJECT is to create a common playground and bring chances to organizations, groups and individuals from ASEAN countries to perform their skills, talents, creativity in reporting and making video clips that feature their own lives, cultures and lifestyles.


Generally, the contest helps not only improve the awareness of ASEAN people, especially young residents about the diversity, interests and advantages of the common ASEAN community, but also connect people at all generations and classes close to each other, send meaningful messages to join hands forward a prime common ASEAN community from now on to 2015 and years after