Workshop to Review the Effectiveness of the ATN/ AiA Project

Country Brunei Darussalam
Status Completed
Source of Fund ACF
Sector/Classfication Information

Brief Description

While still proposing to continue the implementation of the longest recurring projects under the purview of the ASEAN Sub-Committee on Information namely ASEAN Television News (ATN) and ASEAN in Action (AiA) in 2014, it was agreed at the 14th SCI Meeting, for ASEAN Member States to review whether to still continue with the projects or to move forward to a new platform. The proposed two-day workshop to review the effectiveness of the ATN / AiA projects is aimed to find ways on how to achieve the intended objective by involving representatives of ATN and AiA from each AMS by engaging a local consultant to conduct the workshop in Brunei Darussalam, being the coordinator of both projects, as well as a representative from the SCI – Brunei Darussalam to coordinate and the ASEAN Secretariat to moderate the workshop


1. To provide a platform for discussions, share of information and exchange of ideas among the ATN and AiA representatives of all ASEAN member states in order to arrive at a comprehensive and coordinated work plan.  2. To enhance the understanding on the various new ways available for the sharing and dissemination of information effectively. 3. To establish a network among the ATN / AiA representatives of all ASEAN member States to further disseminate and exchange information more effectively.


·   ATN wished to rebrand itself as “ASEAN Integrates, Informs, Inspires” ·   AiA planned to rebrand itself as “Voice of ASEAN - Beyond Boundaries”.