Tenth edition of Delhi Dialogue set for this month: Sushma Swaraj to chair ministerial session on India-ASEAN ties
09:56 10/07/2018
India is set to hold the tenth edition of Delhi Dialogue, the premier annual event to discuss politico-security, economic and socio-cultural engagement between India and the...
Asean youth step in to forge friendship
10:55 09/07/2018
Being the current chair of Asean is more than just about Singapore promoting diplomacy among the association's 10 member states. In this feature supported by the Ministry of...
China-ASEAN-SEAFDEC/AQD collab in aquaculture looms
10:54 09/07/2018
ILOILO City – China-ASEAN Center for Joint Research and Promotion of Marine Aquaculture Technology invited SEAFDEC/AQD Chief Dan Baliao to attend a forum to discuss collaboration...
Asean Smart Cities ink deals to gear up for next lap
10:53 09/07/2018
SINGAPORE - Several Asean cities inked agreements with corporate partners in Singapore on Sunday (July 8), to gear up to become "smart cities".
Asean armies urged to boost collective response to threats
10:52 09/07/2018
SINGAPORE — Asean armies must continue to find new ways to enhance their collective response to terror and chemical, biological and radiological (CBR) threats, said Brig. Gen. Goh...
Asean mayors pledge to keep their cities green
10:52 09/07/2018
Mayors and governors from Asean capitals yesterday pledged their commitment to take ownership in building a sustainable environment in their respective cities.
Asean capitals sign declaration pledging commitment to environmental sustainability
10:51 09/07/2018
SINGAPORE - Mayors and governors from Asean capitals on Saturday (July 7) pledged their commitment to take ownership in building a sustainable environment in their respective...
Vietnam to host ASEAN Social Security Association meeting
10:50 09/07/2018
HANOI, July 6 (Xinhua) -- The 35th ASEAN Social Security Association (ASSA) Board Meeting will be held on Sept. 17-21 in central Nha Trang city with the participation of some 170...
ASEAN-Korea Youth program in Seoul ends, second part to resume in Manila
10:50 09/07/2018
The first part of the annual ASEAN-Korea Youth Network Workshop organized in South Korea by ASEAN-Korea Centre ended on Friday, with a closing ceremony held Seoul.