ASEAN does matter, and has achieved a lot
16:36 25/09/2018
In August 2018, the Centre for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) hosted the launch event for Marty Natalegawa’s book, Does ASEAN Matter? A View from Within.
New cyber security centre to boost ASEAN's capabilities
10:18 19/09/2018
With cyber attacks mounting, Singapore is expanding its programme to deepen Asean's cyber capabilities and enhance the region's ability to respond to emerging global cyberthreats.
ASEAN countries among world’s outperforming emerging economies: Report
10:56 14/09/2018
Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam are among the 18 outperforming emerging economies identified in this report. - Source: ASEAN Security
ASEAN 4.0: Making it work for the future
14:18 12/09/2018
The geographic proximity between Asean nations will be meaningless without effective cross-border policies that enable greater movement of data, talent and capital and ease of...
Understanding the “Digital Silk Road”: Implications for ASEAN
14:29 10/09/2018
"The Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) is about more than physical infrastructure. Beyond the fanfare about ports and railways, the BRI has a technological counterpart with...
Asean journalists call for media to help lead battle against fake news
09:27 03/09/2018
Recognising fake news as a global challenge, media representatives of Asean countries agreed on Tuesday that the fight against falsehoods and disinformation must be a joint effort...
EU firms in ASEAN see region as having greatest potential
10:07 27/08/2018
A growing majority of European firms in South-east Asia believe further Asean economic integration will be important to their business, with many finding the current pace too slow,...
Documentary showcases rich ASEAN-China cooperation
11:09 23/08/2018
“The Dan’s Way documentary combines the culture and tourism. It shows how ordinary people live in pursuit of life and happiness. It provides new gateway to China on what is the...
ASEAN students strive to become drivers of global digitalization
15:22 21/08/2018
“Civic engagement happens when news turns into a conversation with the community,” Raisa Serafica, the unit head of Civic Engagement of Rappler said, giving examples of their...