Prayut calls for Asean to unite against threats
14:11 22/05/2017
Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha has urged Asean member countries to strengthen themselves domestically and increase immunity from new threats. - Source: Thailand economic
Rizal Sukma: Banyak raihan selama 50 tahun ASEAN
14:11 22/05/2017
Duta Besar Republik Indonesia untuk Kerajaan Inggris Rizal Sukma menilai...
Survey: Young people in Asean see promising future
14:11 22/05/2017
A majority of young people in Southeast Asia are confident and optimistic about the future, according to an online survey commissioned by the World Economic Forum and released...
Optimistic, Tech-Savvy Asean Youths Look Forward to Integration: Survey
14:11 22/05/2017
Southeast Asian youth are looking forward to a regional economic integration which they believe will bring better job opportunities and career prospects, a recent survey by a...
Is Clean Coal Technology the Future of Asean?
14:11 22/05/2017
Countries within the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, or Asean, may benefit from investing in low emission coal technologies amidst its rapid economic growth and industrial...
Myanmar’s thumbs up on the ASCC
09:41 14/03/2017
Myanmar was frown upon as a member of ASEAN when it joined in 1997. At the time, Myanmar was not a democratic country. However, after the 2015 November free and fair election, this...