Payment interoperability: The next step towards a digital Asean
16:17 24/04/2018
GETTING PAYMENT platforms to “understand” each other, or to be “interoperable,” presents a huge opportunity to enhance intra-regional trade and business activity across Southeast...
Duterte wants leaner delegation, private plane to ASEAN Summit
16:16 24/04/2018
President Duterte is intending to taking a private plane and a leaner delegation in his visit to Singapore for the 32nd Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Summit this...
ASEAN extends anti-HIV project to two more cities
16:13 24/04/2018
The “ASEAN Cities Getting to Zero Project”, which aims at halting the spread of HIV in the region, would be extended to two new sites in Myanmar.
Myanmar’s Suu Kyi to skip Asean Summit in Singapore
16:13 24/04/2018
Myanmar’s unofficial leader Aung San Suu Kyi will not attend this weekend’s Asean summit in Singapore, a government spokesman said on Monday, which would make it the first time for...
Australia seeks closer Asean ties
16:08 24/04/2018
The Australian army has asked Thailand to consider inviting Australia to become an Asean dialogue partner when Bangkok assumes the rotating chair of the bloc next year, according...
DroneShield technology protects ASEAN leaders
16:03 24/04/2018
ASX-listed DroneShield's anti-drone products have been deployed to protect yet another high-profile event, with the company confirming that its cutting-edge drone security...
DroneShield Protects ASEAN
15:59 24/04/2018
DroneShield Ltd (ASX: DRO or DRO.AU) (the “Company” or “DroneShield”), a publicly-traded leader in the emerging industry of drone security solutions, has announced that its...
Asean 2018: More work to be done on labour migration
15:23 24/04/2018
Nearly seven million - or two-thirds - of approximately 10 million international migrants living and working in Asean come from within the region. In 2017, the 8 per cent of the...
Asean 2018: Reconciling consensus with new realities
15:19 24/04/2018
The only path towards all Asean decisions and agreements is through consultation and consensus, a decision-making model subjected to both praise and criticism over the past five...